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My contemporary writing work–nonfiction, fiction, and poetry–appears in a variety of publications, including Humanities MagazineThe Molotov CocktailNew Mexico MagazineUltrarunning MagazineThe Albuquerque Journal, El Palacio MagazineThe Santa Fe ReporterThinking Highways, the Faircloth ReviewThe Wall Street JournalMedium CuratedPotluck Magazine, and Abyss & Apex. If you would like to see some sample features, reviews, or anything else, Google away, or shoot me some electrons using the form below.

Although my days of serial entrepreneurialism in knowledge management, marketing, technology, publishing, and futures consulting are over, I remain involved and get involved in select projects that have the potential to change the way we see our world, and in particular, our future. This involvement typically takes the form of one-on-one coaching and consultation to management, or board service.

When the planets align, I also co-host a twice-a-month podcast with retired Navy chaplain and university dean, Steve Smith. Hello, Human grapples with the questions of what it means to be, and how to be, a human in a world of machines and algorithms. It is an ongoing and idiosyncratic conversation–embedded deeply in the humanities–that makes the argument that those of us not made of silicon still have something to say about the future we’re all rushing into. There are digressions, rambling monologues that even occasionally return to the topic at hand, and honest explorations of meaning, relevance, and applicability. It’s eavesdropping at its best. You can listen and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, and elsewhere. An entire archive is available on the show’s website

This same attention to the importance of the human also shows up in my twice-a-month newsletter, Lodestone at Midnight (to which, I’d hope you’d subscribe), and in my commercial writing work.

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