Peter is an award-winning writer, poet, critic, and entrepreneur-vagabond now somewhere in his fifth decade, encamped once again in the high desert mountains of the American Southwest (with frequent forays to Paname). This is his website. Here you’ll find stuff likely to annoy Platonists.

My writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers, journals and websites, and on oddly shaped and strangely discolored pieces of paper stacked in obscure places. It has won a couple of awards, and on occasion, even my mother likes it.

You can find examples of it in places like New Mexico MagazineUltrarunning MagazineThe Albuquerque JournalHumanities MagazineThe Santa Fe ReporterThinking Highways, the Faircloth ReviewThe Wall Street JournalThe Molotov CocktailMedium CuratedPotluck MagazineAbyss & Apex, and on websites scattered across the net. (BTW…my commercial work can be found at

When not bleeding onto the page, I’m involved in a variety of other undertakings, some of which are consistently interesting enough to warrant inclusion here:

I’m a principal at The Human Business, a consultancy and ideas foundry helping organizations and individuals navigate the intersecting and frequently competing worlds of carbon and silicon. Our argument for the enduring value of the humanities and the importance of the individual in contemporary business and policy making shows up in the Human Business Podcast. A monthly program that I co-host with my co-founder, retired Navy chaplain and university dean, Steve Smith. You can listen and subscribe here. There’s also a newsletter, of course, featuring digressive investigations of similiar topics in the spirit of Montaigne.

I’m also an advisor and principal at the educational not-for-profit tour company, Royal Road Tours. We put together bespoke big-idea trips around the world for curious people. We’ve worked with The School for Advanced Research, Yale University, The Smithsonian, The American Museum for Natural History, Harvard University, and the Art Institute of Chicago among others. If your favorite cultural institution has a travel program, we’d like to work with them too.

I’m also co-founder of Beyond Borders: The Silk and Spice Road Arts Festival, which is tentatively scheduled to launch in January 2018 in Jaipur, India before moving east and west over the next few years.

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