Hi, I’m Peter BG Shoemaker


I’m an award-winning writer, poet, critic, and entrepreneur-vagabond now somewhere well into my fifth decade, encamped once again in the high desert mountains of the American Southwest.

My work–nonfiction, fiction, and poetry–has appeared in a variety of publications, including Humanities MagazineThe Molotov CocktailNew Mexico MagazineUltrarunning MagazineThe Albuquerque Journal, El Palacio MagazineThe Santa Fe ReporterThinking Highways, the Faircloth ReviewThe Wall Street JournalMedium CuratedPotluck Magazine, and Abyss & Apex.

Here are a few pieces people have particularly liked…

On the nonfiction side, Creator of Creators about Mabel Dodge Luhan in New Mexico Magazine was a hit. So too have been a series of columns I’m doing on conservation for El Palacio Magazine, one of whichon ceramicsI particularly enjoyed. If you think you might want me to write for you, or if you’re just particularly interested, here’s a fuller list of my nonfiction publications.

In the world of poetry, I amlike everyone elsewriting madly and publishing occasionally. Two recent works that I’m very pleased to see out in the wild are a Homer-meets-spaceships piece in the Hugo-nominated magazine Abyss & Apex, and a rumination on those memories I have of my father, published in the always-challenging Potluck Magazine.

Although I started out as a short story writer, those markets have dissolved as quickly as they’ve come up, and the best piece still available online is in the incendiary Molotov Cocktail, and treats a prisoner at the end of his figurative rope.

I’m also a principal at The Human Business, a consultancy and ideas foundry helping organizations and individuals navigate the intersecting and frequently competing worlds of carbon and silicon. Our argument for the enduring value of the humanities and the importance of the individual in contemporary business and policy making shows up in the Human Business Podcast, a bi-weekly program that I co-host with retired Navy chaplain and university dean, Steve Smith. You can listen and subscribe here. There’s also a newsletter, of course, featuring digressive investigations of similar topics in the spirit of Montaigne. This same attention to the importance of the human also shows up in my commercial writing work, which is focused almost exclusively on helping high-technology companies trying to be understood by the rest of us.

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