about me

Peter BG Shoemaker, copyright Susan HarrisMy work has appeared in magazines and newspapers, journals and websites, and on oddly shaped and strangely discolored pieces of paper stacked in obscure places. It has won a couple of awards, inspired a lot of hyperbole, and my mother likes it.

You can find some examples in places like New Mexico Magazine, Ultrarunning Magazine, The Albuquerque Journal, Humanities Magazine, The Santa Fe Reporter, Thinking Highways, the Faircloth Review, Medium Curated, and on websites scattered across the net.

If you're looking for something about me, personally, here's a ten cent tour (North African prices):

Born: the middle-late years of the 1960s in the American heartland
Grew-up: yes, reluctantly, but in places I'm glad to have known.
University: Three of them, one undergrad, two grad, two countries. Studied ritual, death, ideology, architecture, and a dead language or two.
Military: USMC, in the waning years of the Cold War and the rebirth of Middle Eastern Bat Shit Craziness.
Tattoos: See above. Plus some others. And no, you can't.
Work: Ozymandias-like, and then I discovered I liked lone and level sands. Professional writer for half a  decade now.
Live: At the moment, in North Africa; heart's in the high desert mountains of the American Southwest.
Family: yes.
Friends: yes; "just Facebook friends?" no. Not a one.