about me

Peter BG Shoemaker, copyright Susan HarrisSomeone once said that I was "ridiculously and dangerously curious." They meant it as an insult, but I think it's about right, and the engine that powers my work. For many years that curiosity drove me deep into the arcane mysteries of business and technology, where having learned the secret signs and handshakes, and drunk deeply from the goblet of everlasting life, I built some companies and did some stuff with the future. But it is with words--with their deep and intrinsic power to transform the world--that I am most at home. My work has appeared in magazines and newspapers, journals and websites, and on oddly shaped and strangly discolored pieces of paper stacked in obscure places. If there is a theme, a principle that unites what I'm most interested in with what I produce, it is the importance and power of memory and place. Not everything I do, not every story I tell, tells that story, but it's what makes me go.

You can find my words in places like New Mexico Magazine, Ultrarunning Magazine, The Albuquerque Journal, Humanities Magazine, The Santa Fe Reporter, Thinking Highways, the Faircloth Review, and on websites scattered across the net.